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AIP is an online commercial organization fascinated by innovative and futuristic products.  Its (AIP's) aim is to ensure innovative products mostly future technologies/devices are available to consumers at the click of a button. That is why our staffs are on the move from one door to another to help consumers re-unite with their dream products. We (AIP) partner with new product developers and manufacturers to bring these new innovative and futuristic products closer to your doorstep.

At AIP we aim to bring the future closer to your homes. Simply making these future experiences spread widely as soon as possible.

Due to circumstances given, most innovative products are yet to enter the market; we at AIP take it upon ourselves to ensure consumers are aware As soon as new and innovative products featured on our website, are launched onto the market, giving Consumers the opportunity to purchase them as soon as they are available in the market. We make shopping for new products enjoyable experience.

How we operate

At AIP we also try our possible best to ensure these new innovative and futuristic products are available to you(consumer) at the lowest price possible, therefore we do not stock any item featured and sold(for commission) on our website.

We simply act as middle-man (B2C) between suppliers and customers; meaning products featured on our website are dispatched directly from manufacturers’ warehouse or inventors’ premises and we (AIP) get commission (%) from each sales.

Depending on inventors’ or manufacturers’ agreement whether or not to make available few but limited samples of these innovative products and merchandises to our staffs in order to facilitate quick sales of these innovative and futuristics products to you; thus eliminating cost of packaging, delivery, stocking; further reducing cost to you(end consumer).

We constantly sign new contracts with innovative future products inventors and manufacturers’, further featuring and selling these products (for commission) on our website as soon as the contract(s) are successfully executed. We also accommodate, feature and merchandise individual innovative products on our website. Either you are an organization or individual if you wish to partner with us in getting your innovative and futuristic products out there in the market feel free to contact us.

Means Contracts are effected; by signed agreement, verbal or written agreement or consent from and with innovators or manufacturers.


Images and videos associating with inventors' and manufacturers’ products featured on our website are not of/from us (AIP), rather they are obtained from either inventors’, distributors or manufacturers websites as agreed with inventors or are supplied to us by our partners (inventors or manufacturers). Most products without patent or intellectual property generally merchandised online (requiring no consents or legal documentation(s)) are featured and sold on our website either with or without manufacturers’ or developers’ awareness.

Inventors’ or manufacturers’ old or new products are featured and sold (for commission) through our websites; we do not hold any patent or intellectual property (ies) associating with any products located on our websites, but as consented with inventors’ or manufacturers right has been given to us to sell on behalf of such inventors or manufacturers.

Due to large amount of images, videos and excessive documentation required to obtain consents from inventors or manufacturers prior to featuring and merchandising products on our website, images may be mistakenly displayed with lack of awareness whether or not consents has been obtained from inventors or manufacturers to display such image(s).

We may from time to time display product(s) images without awareness of inventors or manufacturers for public awareness or attention only; such product(s) which are not in solid form (physical form, built), yet to be merchandised or featured anywhere else for sale at fixed price(s); in circumstance(s) whereby a new product which is only in the design phase is yet to be built into physical products.


Infringers are not accountable to us rather to inventors or manufacturers of products (that/those infringed by infringers) featured and sold (for commission) on our websites; this doesn’t limit us (AIP) being vigilant and reporting any infringers (to best of our knowledge) to inventors and manufacturers of products featured and merchandised on our website.

Onus is NOT on us to ensure inventor(s) or manufacturer(s) have gone through some or entirety of the appropriate process (es) to acquire or file legal documentation to produce and merchandise their invention(s) or products.

We merchandise inventors’ product(s)(for commission) and NOT liable for inventors’ or manufacturers’ financial difficulties, therefore we(IP) cannot be held accountable by any financial institute, group, or individual either partially or fully for suppliers financial difficulties or inability to refund or repay any money obtained from such financial institute, group or individual. 


You are assured to get the best customer service from dealing with us; our staffs are well trained to adequately and professionally deal with customers to reach the best possible problem resolution.

Problem resolution process starts with the front staff (sales team), then supervisor, followed by customer service team and finally the inventors or manufacturers given the intensity of the matter.

We urge our customers to try & resolve actualized issue(s) with front staffs before going further to contacting us, as contacting us may delay problem realization hence resolution. It is against our policy to let customer leave with a bad shopping experience. We know you are passionate about new products mainly innovative product (incl. creative products) that is why we will never let you feel bad shopping for one with us.


We want our customers to experience the best service from dealing with us that is why from time to time we urge manufacturers to test and ensure products being sent through our sales team to end customers or directly to our customers are in perfect condition and up to 99.9% good standard.

Implementing the quality management approach, we try our possible best making sure our products are in perfect standard before reaching end consumer(s).

To fully and better serve you, we assure 15 days money back guarantee or product exchange on all defective or damaged products; meaning you either get your cash back, through same method of payment or you get another product(s) that or those which are up to 99.9% good quality standard.

Note refund for products purchased online may take 3-7 working days to actualize in your account.

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